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What Do You Want From Us?!

Upcoming WDYWFU?! Shows

05/16/2024 Orlando, FL @ Framework Coffee

06/07/2024 Winter Garden, FL @ Hagan O'Reilly's

Do not put away your cell phones, What Do You Want From Us?! is the only stand-up comedy show in the world directed by you, the viewer, via silent and anonymous real-time voting to determine the content and energy every step of the way.

Three comedians (and occasional special guests) join show creator Larry Fulford and co-host Ross McCoy, who then put the fate of the entire show in your very capable(?) hands.


Described as "Interesting," "Almost like a social experiment" and "More fun than a meeting," WDYWFU?! is a wholly unique, interactive and hilarious live entertainment experience.

WDYWFU?!: We'll bring the show, you call the shots.

Available both online and in-person. For booking, contact

Brought to you in part by Next Week Rocks.


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